Sunday, May 5, 2013

Huffington Post/Deleted Fanfiction

I just found this article and I thought it was an interesting read, not very long if you are wondering. I thought it was interesting that Huffington Post wrote an article about the massive purge of stories from, didn't know that it made news like that.

Really great points were made about how not many people, outside the fanfiction community, knew or cared about this but if it had been published works just disappearing everyone would be outraged.

Personally this whole issue still bothers me, even though its been quite awhile since it all happened. I know i'm not a writer so I didn't loose any stories but a lot of good authors lost a lot of their work and readers. I know I've definitely not re-found every stories I was reading that went missing. FFnet should have warned people that their story was being pulled in X amount of days, which would have given them time to save copies and post AN's about where the story would be moving and what was happening. AND ffnet should have better, "cant find story" pages, since they just say that story avncsx was moved, and yeah that helps me a lot because i memorize all the URLs of all the stories i read...

gah the whole thing just bothers me so much, sorry about the rant

Here's the article (and Kudos to the person who came up with the name, fits the situation perfectly):

The Book Burning That Wasn't: Thousands of Works of Fiction Destroyed and No One Pays Attention

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looking for something non-cannon?

Well i'm sorry to say that this just isn't the blog for you, but I hope you'll stay and look around anyway. That being said, let me explain - first off I'm a diehard edward/bella fan, so all my stories (except the post pixies and southern drawls) are all focused on stories about them (but most of them have AMAZING portrayals of the other characters).

Second I really can only read cannon fiction so that's the only kind i can recommend. That being said there are some slight exceptions, for example some stories involve bella or edward being with other people, i don't mind that happening here or there for a little bit as long as E/B get together in the end.

I also make exceptions for non-cannon couples of minor characters BUT its usually only when their cannon other half isn't in the story, for example angela is dating garret but there is no kate or ben. The other exception for these non-cannon couple is if their cannon other half is written as basically a horrible person, i.e. emmett without rose but she's basicially the devil. But i have to admit even then its hard when they are with another person, though that's just my opinion (but since this is my blog i figure its ok).

So, just wanted to let people know so that incase you are someone who is looking specifically for non cannon couples and since my blog is by themes and not sorted by couples then i don't want you to feel like you wasted time (since i know its annoying when you are looking for a specific kind of story think you found a place to find it and then an hour later realized you have nothing). So for those people, good luck finding what you are looking for - I know there are some great websites with rec's for non cannon couples like Twi-Fic Reviews or Twibrary.

Otherwise please enjoy the website and if you can leave comments about anything from

  • if you liked the stories/which ones
  • if anything is confusing
  • suggestions for changes
  • suggestions for stories i should read/put on the blog
  • pulled stories (that i haven't seen)
  • or moved stories

that would be SO AMAZING and helpful, since i can't check the links all the time and i'd hate to get peoples hopes up about a stories that's no longer there. 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

CaraNo fiction

CaraNo is one of my favorite authors on fanfiction, can’t say she’s written many stories that I haven’t read and enjoyed. 

Some that I’ve loved over the years include: Masen Rules, This Life, Nebraska Hideout, All Nighters, NFW, Simply Edward, A Drink with the Girls/A Beer with the Guys and I know there are more. Now she’s working on some new things and is updating but I find that she’s moved a lot of her PDFs and stories from FFnet to her wordpress account.

So if you want to check out a great author or see that I’ve linked to stories that are no longer on ffnet – its’ because they are here or (Complete stories PDFs)

Breaking Dawn (part 1 & 2 )Parody by The Hillywood Show™

Part 1

Part 2

and some behind the scenes videos:

Sorry i didn't get these up until now, but they are really great. I know most of you have seen these already but for anyone who hasn't check them out, watch them here or start from the first one they made of twilight!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Updating Schedule/Blog Information

Hello people who read this blog!

I just wanted to say a few things about this blog. I love it a lot and put a lot of work into it, that being said I can't update it all the time because of RL or every time stories get updated (especially with some being updated a few times a day). So I would make sure if you are someone who judges whether to start reading stories on if they've been updated recently (to avoid getting into stories that get abandoned) then ALWAYS check the link and see if my last updated is the right. Sometimes a month or two goes by before I can really get back to look through all the rec's on each post to see if they've been updated.

Also that goes for some stories being removed/pulled/ect. PLEASE let me know if a link doesn't work by leaving a comment - it would be much appreciated :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 pictures

Here are the posters that i've seen for the second half of the movie. I think they look good, interested to see how they put nessie in the movies being a crazy growing baby and all....

meet the family, well almost

here's the family!

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